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Privacy Policy

General information

JSC “GO Vilnius” (hereinafter – “we” or “Data manager”) is the manager of the Website hereinafter – “the Website”). In this Privacy Policy (hereinafter – “the Privacy Policy”), we establish and explain that we collect and further process the personal data of the Website visitors. In the Privacy Policy, we also provide information on the processing of data from other data subjects performed in the course of our business.

The Privacy Policy applies to all persons who visit the Website. The conditions set forth in them apply every time you want to get access to the content and/or services we offer, regardless of the device (computer, mobile phone, tablet etc.) you use. By continuing to browse the Website, you confirm having read and understood the Privacy Policy.

The data of all data subjects is processed legally, transparently and honestly, with predetermined goals and only to the extent necessary to achieve them. When processing your personal data, we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations No. 2016/679 (hereinafter – “the GDPR”), the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Legal Personal Data Protection in the Republic of Lithuania, as well as recommendations of supervisory authorities and/or personal data processing requirements.

Persons under 14 may not provide any personal data on the websites we manage and/or profiles on social networks. If you are under 14, prior to providing your personal data, you must obtain the legal consent of your representatives (parents, adoptive parents, guardians).

The concepts used in the Privacy Policy are treated as they are described in the GDPR.

Data manager details:

JSC “GO Vilnius”
Legal entity code: 123641468
Legal address: Gynėjų str., 14, LT-01109 Vilnius
Tel.: +370 686 57232
Email: [email protected]

How do we collect your information?

You can provide us with your personal data by yourself when you register for our events.

Your data may be collected automatically. This often happens in the following cases:

  1. When you submit an application on our websites and profiles on social networks (for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube);
  2. When you make entries on platforms in social networks (for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube) that we manage;
  3. When you use our sites (cookies and similar technologies allow us to collect data. For more information about our cookies, see below).

To the extent permitted by applicable laws we may receive your data from third parties. This may be the data provided by our partners, contractors, service providers, as well as the data from your public profiles or databases.

We may associate your data, obtained from you, public and commercial sources with other information that we receive from you or about you.

We may also collect your data in other unspecified cases. You will be additionally informed about this.

What data (personal) do we process?

Even though we try to collect as little information about you as possible, we collect the following information to carry out our activities:

  1. Your contact details;
  2. The information necessary for the conclusion and execution of transactions, contracts and other agreements;
  3. The information that you provide during telephone conversations with us, in letters, requests or registration forms;
  4. The information necessary to protect the interests of our institution in court or in other institutions;
  5. Information about your device;
  6. Information necessary for direct marketing.

As a rule, the information we collect directly from you consists of the following:

Name, surname, gender and other identity data (passport or ID card), address of residence, telephone number, email address, data on allergies and food intolerance, as well as other information that may be required to purchase/provide our services.

As a rule, the information that is collected automatically consists of the following:

Information on how you use the Website and/or our other websites (device information: IP address, version of the operating system and the device you use to get access to the content, parameters; login information: session time and duration, as well as any other information that is stored in the cookies that we install on your device (the cookie policy is presented below); location: device GPS signal or information about the nearest Wi-Fi access points and mobile towers (which can be transmitted to us, when you use our websites).

As a rule, we collect the following information from third parties or public sources:

Name, surname, place of employment/job/business, education, information about your achievements relevant to the Vilnius tourism sector development and creating the city image, place of residence, face on photos.

You may choose not to provide us some information, however, in this case, we may not be able to provide you with our services (for example, if you do not provide the necessary information required to respond to your request, we will not be able to answer you).

Note: the staff of JSC “GO Vilnius” does not ask you to provide your login data, bank card numbers, passwords or any other information, due to the use of which you may suffer financial or any other loss.

Why and on what basis do we process your data?

The above information is processed to achieve the following goals:

  1. realization of our institution owner’s rights, the municipality of Vilnius;
  2. creation of the image of Vilnius, tourism sector development, as well as attraction of businessmen and talents;
  3. performance of our duties in accordance with applicable legal acts;
  4. processing of the internal administrative and accounting records of our institution;
  5. verification of the quality of services provided by our institution on the internet;
  6. realization of the interests of our institution in court or in another institution;
  7. direct marketing.

We inform you that we strive to keep in touch with our customers and provide them with information about the services offered. To do this, we carry out direct marketing by phone and email, providing notifications and news about our services. We have the right to send our customers promotional information about our products or services to the email address that we received during the provision of services. Our clients have the right to immediately or at any time refuse our marketing notifications by letting us know about this decision in any way convenient for them: by email [email protected], by sending a letter to the address Gynėjų str., 14, LT-01109 Vilnius or using the link in the advertising notice in an email. This refusal will in no way affect our processing of customer data that we carried out before.

In all other cases, to carry out direct marketing, we will process your personal data only by receiving your permission to process it for this purpose. You can cancel this permission at any time by notifying us by any of the methods above.

Your personal data is processed in accordance with one or several legal processing principles:

  1. compliance with legal requirements;
  2. state interests (unless your personal interests prevail);
  3. our legitimate interests (unless your personal interests prevail);

When we cannot be guided by one of the legal grounds, we will ask for your consent (such cases will be clear, depending on the circumstances and context).

When we process your personal data for purposes other than those specified in the Privacy Policy, we will notify you in a separate notice.

To whom do we transfer your personal data?

Without your prior written consent, we may transfer your personal data only in the following cases:

  1. to our business partners or companies, providing services at our request, selected in a responsible manner;
  2. the owner of our institution, the Municipality of Vilnius;
  3. law enforcement and government agencies;
  4. to other entities, if this is required by law or to protect our legitimate interests.

The ability of your personal data recipients (individual data managers) to use your data is limited. They may not use this information for purposes not specified in the contract. If we need to use their direct marketing offers, you will be asked for separate consent.

We can also provide your data to data managers who provide services to us (perform work). They are entitled to process your personal data only based on a written contract signed between us and them according to our instructions and only to the extent necessary for the proper fulfilment of contractual obligations. Our data managers help us take all the necessary measures to ensure that they can take appropriate organizational and technical measures to ensure security and maintain the confidentiality of your personal data.

What do we do to protect your personal data?

We have implemented smart and appropriate physical and technical means to protect the information we collect in order to provide content/services. However, note that, although we take appropriate measures to protect your personal data, not a single website, transaction through the internet, computer system and wireless communications are completely secure.

How long will we store your personal data?

We set your personal data storage term, guided by the requirements of the law, regulations and instructions of the supervising institution and/or another competent institution. If these requirements or instructions are not set, we set your personal data storage term, based on state interest or our legitimate interests, but this term cannot exceed 7 years from the data receipt date (unless, as mentioned above, a longer data storage term is provided by legal acts).

We draw your attention to the fact that, based on the scale of personal data that we process, as well as ongoing events, conferences, exhibitions, courses or other projects, we set the storage period for specific personal data of certain data subject categories in the relevant Privacy Policy of our websites or informational notifications provided to you at the time of receiving data.

At the end of the data storage term, your data is erased so that it cannot be restored to establish your identity.

Even if you declare your desire to terminate the contract and refuse our services, due to requirements that may arise in the future, we will need to continue to store some of your personal data until the storage period expires. The data will also be stored so that, if necessary, we can provide you with the necessary information, so that we have a properly recorded history of our relations and can answer your questions related to our communication.

What are your rights?

Depending on the situation and additional conditions approved by GDPR you have the following rights:

to know (be informed about your data processing (the right to know);

to review your data that we process and how it is processed (the right to review);

to request to correct or, based on the personal data processing purposes, to supplement your non-exhaustive personal data (the right to request to correct);

to request to erase your personal data (the right to “be forgotten”);

to require us to limit your personal data processing (the right to limit);

to require transfer of the data provided to us (the right to transfer data);

to disagree with your personal data processing at any time, when processing is carried out to fulfil public interests, to fulfil our legitimate interests or legitimate interests of a third party, as well as when personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes, including profiling (the right to disagree);

to cancel your consent to your personal data processing, if it is processed, based on your consent.

We always strive to properly enforce your rights and respond promptly to any possible violation of them, so, if you have any questions, regarding your personal data that we process, we ask you to contact us first. We also note that, in all cases, you are entitled to file a complaint with the State Data Protection Inspectorate at any time.

We give you the opportunity to exercise your rights in a convenient way. You can do this by calling this phone number – +370 686 57232, by emailing us at [email protected] or by using any links listed at the bottom of the advertising content provided to you.

Your rights will be exercised subject to prior personal confirmation of your identity (subject to the provision of an identification document: an identification card or passport) or via electronic communication (for example, using an electronic signature).

Cookies, signals and similar technologies

A list of cookies 

Cookies are small informational elements that are stored in your browser. In the Privacy Policy, we use the term “cookies” to describe these elements and other similar technologies, for example, pixel tags, web beacon, clear gif. They help us:

to identify you as a previous visitor to a particular website;

to preserve the history of your visit to a website and adjust its content;

to control the duration and frequency of visits to collect statistics on the number of visits to the Website.

By analysing this data, we can improve our Website and make it more convenient to use.

We remind you that some services can be configured to work only with cookies. By turning them off in whole or partly, you can no longer use these services. When you use a browser to access the content we provide, you can configure your browser to accept all cookies or block them all. Cookies notifications may also be displayed. Browsers are different, so, if you do not know how to change the settings of cookies, look in the menu. Your device’s operating system may have additional cookies control. If you do not want cookies to collect information, use a simple procedure that is embedded in many browsers. It allows you to refuse the use of cookies. If you want to learn more about how to manage cookies, visit this website.

We also draw your attention to the fact that, in addition to our cookies, some third parties (for example, social network managers) may use the Website to install and access cookies on your device. The third parties who install such cookies apply their Privacy Policy. We cannot be responsible for them (our Website does not have access to the information transferred), so we strongly recommend that you additionally inquire about the above rules on the websites of these third parties. The profiles of our social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube) apply the Privacy Policy of their managers.

External websites

The Website has links to external websites, i. e., the websites related to travel companies of Vilnius (for example, accommodation, catering, leisure companies). When using these links, pay attention to the fact that the websites and services accessible should have a separate individual Privacy Policy that we cannot take responsibility for, so we recommend reviewing them in detail again before providing any of our personal data.

Contact us

If you notice an inconsistency of Privacy Policy, a security breach on any of our Websites or if you have other questions related to your personal data processing, please, contact us in the most convenient manner:

JSC “GO Vilnius”
Legal entity code: 123641468
Registered address: Gynėjų str., 14, LT-01109 Vilnius
Phone: +370 686 57232
Email: [email protected]

Final provisions

The Privacy Policy is checked and updated according to our needs, but at least once every two years or in case of changes in legal acts regulating the processing of personal data. By updating the Privacy Policy, we will notify you of the changes that we consider essential by posting a notice on the Website or in a similar way. If you use the content and/or services we offer after the publication of such a notice, we will assume that you agree with the new requirements specified in the updated Privacy Policy.

The last time the Privacy Policy was revised was on February 1, 2019.