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A city about to turn 700 years young A city about to turn 700 years young

1.A city about to turn 700 years young

Vilnius Old Town is UNESCO-listed because of its “outstanding universal value.” Many of its original architecture is preserved, with beautiful examples of the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical styles all coexisting in a medieval layout that’s splendidly green and alive. The city is getting ready for its 700-year anniversary, which will occur in 2023, and it’s ready to show that its bones are still young by organising many different events and sharing its treasured historic value. Get ready for a once in a lifetime celebration.
We hope your camera has a large storage We hope your camera has a large storage

2.We hope your camera has a large storage

Whether it’s a wide shot from the top of the 326-metre TV Tower, or a small detail on one of the 200 stunning works of art on Literatų Street, Vilnius has something for every eye. Starting from the more than forty churches tickling the sky with their bell towers, and continuing while you discover street art by famous artists like Millo, Os Gemeos and Tank Petrol, among others – you’re in for a surprise around almost any random corner. It’s also worth mentioning the many statues placed throughout the UNESCO-listed Old Town streets: from historical characters like the Grand Duke Gediminas, all the way to Frank Zappa, Leonard Cohen and John Lennon. These and many other great photo opportunities are swarming around this city.
Party in a former prison? Why​  ​​​​‎‎‏‏‎not! Party in a former prison? Why​  ​​​​‎‎‏‏‎not!

3.Party in a former prison? Why​  ​​​​‎‎‏‏‎not!

The notorious prison in the centre of Vilnius has been reborn as Cultural Hub. Although the building complex stopped functioning as a prison in 2019, now it is inhabited by 250 artists, and has been repurposed for artistic and cultural events as “Lukiškės Prison 2.0” to host concerts, festivals, and exclusive tours. The daytime tour highlights the prison’s history, architecture, and the daily life of inmates, including political prisoners. For instance, the prison held some of the famous 20th century Lithuanian authors, and even Menachem Begin, Israel Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who was imprisoned in Lukiškės for a year in 1940. The nighttime tour displays the unseen side of the century-old buildings illuminated by the beam of a flashlight.
You can walk the city front and back You can walk the city front and back

4.You can walk the city front and back

Getting to most places in Vilnius is just a matter of walking for a few minutes. That’s why locals prefer walking, even though there are many different ways to get around the city. And we must agree with them, because beyond being able to reach every main attraction, walking also give you the chance to discover one of the most secret features of Vilnius – its courtyards. Hidden behind the main streets, and charming as hell, they provide the perfect location for an intimate picnic or some calm and well-deserved me-time.
If you don’t like to walk, you can fly If you don’t like to walk, you can fly

5.If you don’t like to walk, you can fly

This city is beautiful from every point of view, but if we had to choose one, we’d prefer to see it from above. Vilnius is one of the few capitals in the world that allows hot-air balloons to take off in the very centre of the city and fly over it, so if you’re looking for the coolest alternative to walking, this one is unbeatable. And if you’re afraid of heights, looking at those colourful beauties floating along the city’s skyline will probably still make your day.
Now that you’re here, visit another country Now that you’re here, visit another country

6.Now that you’re here, visit another country

The Republic of Užupis is the smallest district of Vilnius, separated from the Old Town by the Vilnelė River. It’s home to various artists and intellectuals, and even declared independence in 1997…kinda. It has its own anthem, government, currency and a very unique constitution that you can find on one of its walls translated into several languages. Good news: no visa required.
We’re not allergic to any kind of history nut We’re not allergic to any kind of history nut

7.We’re not allergic to any kind of history nut

No matter which period of history you prefer, Vilnius has something for you. Are you a fan of all things medieval? Visit the spectacular Trakai Island Castle, located in the middle of a calm lake. If you’re more into the now, the Contemporary Art Centre and recently built MO Museum offer impressive collections and exhibitions featuring renowned local artists. If you like a bit of everything, the Kazys Varnelis House-Museum, in addition to its mesmerising and well-known collection of optical art compositions, also has examples of antique graphic arts, Western European sculptures, historic furniture and even Asian works of art, all coexisting under the same roof. Or maybe you prefer something radically different and want to look into one of the darker sides of our past? Then the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights, located in the former KGB headquarters, won’t disappoint. Our history is long and complex, and it has something for everyone.
You’ll find more shades of green than shades of grey You’ll find more shades of green than shades of grey

8.You’ll find more shades of green than shades of grey

While most cities are an explosion of concrete sparsely dotted with a few green spaces, Vilnius feels like it’s part of a huge green forest. You will soon find yourself crossing a sudden meadow, or slaloming through some old trees to reach your next destination. Jogging through the endless Vingis Park, going for a walk around Bernardine Garden or contemplating the beauty of Vilnius University’s Botanical Garden are just some of the perks of visiting one of Europe’s greenest capitals.
Make nature your playground Make nature your playground

9.Make nature your playground

Climb tall pine trees like a pro, slide gently from one tree to another on a zip line and rappel with elegance to the ground in the adventure parks set in forested areas around the city centre. If you prefer, you can also fulfil your Tarzan dream of swinging through the forest from a rope, show off your wakeboarding skills or feel the beat of fallen trees and daring rocks under your brave kayak while you take in views of the Old Town from a totally different angle. If you’re feeling more contemplative, you can opt to just float calmly on a paddle board, trying not to scare the sporadic ducks and beavers that may stare at you while you pass by and letting the soft current of the Neris River give you a calming tour and the feeling of summer embracing your shoulders.
Because foodies gonna food Because foodies gonna food

10.Because foodies gonna food

If you’re a fresh-oysters-with-champagne kind of person, then this is your city. If you’re more of a pulled pork sandwich with cold beer type, then this is your city, too. And if you’re vegetarian or vegan… yes, you guessed right – this is also your city. Vilnius’ vibrant food culture will satisfy any palate. Of course, no visit is complete without trying our local food, whichever you prefer: Šaltibarščiai, Cepelinai, Balandėliai…you name it (if you can). You can also bring some edible souvenirs back for your friends (or keep them for yourself), like honey, bread, cheese, mead, teas and many other local treats. And if you’re feeling a bit hipster, you should visit one of our markets, where you will find the most eclectic variety of small restaurants mixed with stands selling high quality and fresh goodies for a perfect picnic at the park. Every stomach deserves to be happy in Vilnius.
Enjoy the city with the eyes wide open Enjoy the city with the eyes wide open

11.Enjoy the city with the eyes wide open

Vilnius locals are big coffee fans – from the aroma and taste, to the experience of having a nice cup with a great conversation. We have a coffee place for every kind of mood, from the bigger chains for takeaway, to the niche ones where time seems to stand still and you can have a nice chat with the owner about coffee or life – it’s your call. There are even mixed spots that sell stationery as well as coffee, or share a space with an art gallery or with an exotic furniture store. There are many beans and many locations to choose from.
To beer or not to beer, is a rhetorical question here To beer or not to beer, is a rhetorical question here

12.To beer or not to beer, is a rhetorical question here

And the answer is: to beer. An abundance of craft breweries makes Vilnius a paradise for beer lovers and a great place to fall in love with beer if you haven’t already. Swim across every variety you can think of and listen to the strong voice of the pub culture as it lures you into every corner of the city. Your glass will always be half-full.
We love the way you move We love the way you move

13.We love the way you move

No matter which of the 35 ways of moving around the city you prefer, we love them all. And you’ll love them, too. Bus, trolleybus, various taxi applications, shared cars, electric scooters and bicycle systems…even Uperis, a floating platform to cross the river. And if none of these are for you, you can always test your balance on the long trails of Vingis Park with your skateboard or rollerblades, or just go for a walk or run. There’s also an impressive 100-km trail circling Vilnius especially for you, but no need to show off – you can cover it in parts.
Witness how art takes over the city Witness how art takes over the city

14.Witness how art takes over the city

During summer and until mid-autumn, several street festivals take over the city, offering free performances and tons of activities. On different days during the season, Vilnius transforms into a big stage where hundreds of musicians and actors perform freely, all around the city. Venues also open their doors to the general public, offering concerts and art for every taste. And when the art is not on the streets, you can still find it in the many venues the city has to offer – from jazz bars and live music pubs, to opera and ballet at the National Theatre.
Maps are good, but locals are better Maps are good, but locals are better

15.Maps are good, but locals are better

Do you want to know the real deal? Do you want to discover that little place around that hidden corner that happens to be amazing? Do you want to get inside knowledge directly from the source? Then, get a local to show you all those places that no tourist guide will. Jump directly into the local culture and hang out with the real people of Vilnius.
The whole city is an open-air cafe with a UNESCO-listed view The whole city is an open-air cafe with a UNESCO-listed view

16.The whole city is an open-air cafe with a UNESCO-listed view

If you’re sitting outside in Vilnius, chances are you’re at a cafe. More than a hundred bars, cafes and restaurants have taken to the outdoors to facilitate physical distancing, filling plazas and other public places with pop-up tables and transforming the city into a giant outdoor cafe sprawled across the entire Old Town. Enjoy your favourite drink or meal with a magnificent view of one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe while being kissed by the shining summer sun.

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